Meditation in Movement.


Yoga means union, to join or to create union. Originated in India centuries ago, yoga is a scientific system which incorporates movement, breathing and concentration in various forms to balance and harmonize the mind and body.


The regular practice of yoga is proven to help many physical, mental and emotional conditions and imbalances.


Yoga is about getting to know yourself. By observing our breath we can calm the mind and nervous system, becoming more active and much less reactive.


The variety of classes offered allow each student to choose the style and intensity of yoga that best suits their needs.


Learn how to bend so you won't break.

Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style - (beginner-advanced)

Traditional and rigorous system. Excellent for anyone who would like to develop discipline, strength and perseverance.


Flow Hatha Yoga - (beginner-intermediate)

A class to help you conquer the basic postures and concepts of yoga. A flowing sequence of postures where one movement leads into the next with lots of emphasis on the breath. * Suitable for pregnancy (after first trimester).


Flow Power Yoga - (intermediate- advanced)

A dynamic and challenging class that develps your strength, flexibility and concentration. Be sure to bring a towel because you will sweat!



Mistakes are wise people´s education. 


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